1. Syntheri Rocks :

Syntheri Rock, is a spectacular site located in deep jungles of Dandeli. Here you will see about 300 feet tall monolithic granite wall made by nature on one side of Kaneri river. One has to climb down more than 200 steps to go near water which is a really a breathtaking experience. Thousands of pigeons have made this rock their home in the holes of rock. Also you will see thousands of rock bees hives on the great rock wall. There is a small waterfall that gushes into a deep gorge which gives spectacular view from the top. Different types of rocks found here are displayed by Geological department of India.

3. Dudhsagar Falls :

Dudhsagar falls(literally Sea of Milk ), is a tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi river in the Indian state of Goa on Goa’s border with Karnataka state. Dudhsagar is one of the world’s most exquisite falls. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as India’s fifth tallest waterfall and is 227th in the world at 310 m.The Waterfall can be reached both by road and rail. It can be reached by road from Dandeli to Castle rock and then by train or trek.

4. Kavala Caves :

The ancient Kavala caves is a natural cave, also called Sidda. To reach the caves you will have to climb down 375 steps. At some point you will have to crawl through the narrow and winding tunnels. Caves are known to be formed by volcanic activities with stalagmite formations. Inside the cave you will see a big, naturally created Shiva Linga. There is an udder shaped stone formed over the Linga from which water trickles all the time. It is believed the tunnels stretches underground for miles. Every year thousands of people come to worship the Shiva Linga during Shivaratri. Outside the cave one can view the splendid beauty of Kali river flowing through the valley.

5. Magod Falls and Kavadikere

Magod Falls is a group of waterfalls  in dandeli where the river bedti falls from a height of nearly 200 m in two steps. The falls are located about 17 km from the town of Yellapur, in the district of Uttara Kannada and are easily accessible from several lakes and towns.
Bedthi river falls into a narrow valley of rocks. It is situated close to the famous sunset point in the region, the Jenukallugudda.

Kavadi Kere is situated 9 Kms from Magod Falls in the Western Ghats.  A good road leads up to the lake and the temple.  The temple itself dates back to Dwapara yuga (It is the third out of four yugas/ages, expressed in Hindu scriptures) and the place is also known as Shree Kshetra (place where the goddess resides).

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